About Us


Who We Are - Our Story

A Land of Delight Natural Farm was birthed out of a passion – a passion for all-natural, fresh, and healthy foods, and self-sufficiency. Drs. Eric and Jennifer Gonyon originally intended for the farm to be for their family. They wanted their children to experience the power of seedtime and harvest and to see firsthand that food does not originate from a grocery store. Once their friends saw and heard about all the fresh produce, raw honey, and pastured eggs, they were inspired and then desired to learn how to grow their own food. Due to the interest expressed and positive response from others, the Gonyons opened the farm up to friends and to the community to help others. The concept of A Land of Delight Natural Farm was planted, watered, and then sprung forth. A Land of Delight Natural Farm offers complimentary classes regarding self-sufficiency, each Saturday at 10:30 am, at the Farmers’ Market. The Mini Farmers’ Market is open Monday-Friday 10am-6:30pm & a full market on Saturday from 8 am-5pm. Appointments Mon-Sat and curbside service available. We offer locally grown, USDA organic, and conventional produce, raw local honey, pasture-raised chickens and eggs, hundreds of varieties of grafted fruiting trees plus many other grocery items. We hope you visit us and get inspired! Be sure to bring the family to see all the farm animals and walk through the Juicing Paradise U-Pick section. You’ll be glad that you did and will come back for more. All Major Credit Cards Accepted.