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Why Victory Gardens Are for Here & Now

Wars, pandemics, drought, food shortages...
As uncertainty in the world continues to increase, victory gardens are also on the rise. Popularity in food gardening surged during the COVID-19 outbreak and is here to stay.
Growing your own food ensures food security and reduced costs for your family in a time of crisis whether that crisis is personal, local, or national. Starting a food garden is not as hard as you might think and does not have to look Pinterest perfect either. The goal is self-sustainability and choosing to grow fruits and vegetables for their nutrition, hydration, and calories.
Don't know how to get started? That's okay!
Our friendly staff and associates at A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery would love to help you get started. We are one of the largest fruit tree nurseries in Central Florida and have successfully been in business since 2014. Let us help you prepare your family to live beyond the curve.
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