Why Great Depression Era Habits Are Trending in 2024 (& why it matters to you)

Why Great Depression Era Habits Are Trending in 2024 (& why it matters to you)

Have you noticed the habits that are gaining momentum lately?

  • vegetable garden planting

  • an uptick in interest to own property

  • buying organic produce

  • repurposing & upcycling old things

  • minimizing waste

  • a focus on immune boosting & treating ailments naturally

  • an overall return to a simpler lifestyle


2024 & the Great Depression Era are more alike than most want to admit. The uncertainty and financial strain people are facing is inspiring them to make a change.


Many are seeking ways to live more sustainably and save money!

By reducing our reliance on consumerism & embracing a more self-sufficient lifestyle, we can save money, build resilience, & gain a sense of empowerment even in uncertain times.

At A Land of Delight, we are proud to be part of this movement towards self-sustainability.

We offer free growing classes for homeowners, fresh u-pick vegetables & herbs, grafted fruit trees, & a weekly farmers market - all aimed at helping our community embrace these timeless practices.

Join us in rediscovering the wisdom of the past and incorporating these life giving habits into our lives. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for ourselves and the next generations.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, come visit. We would love to help empower you to be self-sustainable.

Thank you for supporting your local farmer.

By supporting us, you are supporting all of our efforts to help our community grow.

Eric & Jennifer
A Land of Delight Natural Farm

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