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Why Grafted Fruit Trees Are Trending With Expert Growers

Why grafted trees? 🌳 
Easy, they produce more, quicker, than seedlings! 
The quality of fruit trees comes down to 2 things:
- fruit
- roots
🍒 We obviously prioritize the harvest we can receive from the tree.
🌳 But the tree also has to have a strong root system to gather the nutrients and water efficiently from the soil to sustain that good harvest.
Most seedlings succeed at only one of these...
Grafted trees are the best of both worlds! 🌎 🌍
We bring together the tree with the strongest roots & the tree with the best quality fruit for you to plant the best in your garden!
Right now, we have some beautiful trees ready for you to plant.
Come visit! Our team is here to help you plan out the food forest of your dreams!
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