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Why Go Raw & Local? Okra U-Pick

A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery now grows fresh okra from our U-Pick section of the farm. Not only is okra extremely good for you, but the added benefits of freshly picked fruits and vegetables ensure you are getting the most for your money. Okra is a great source of magnesium, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Research suggests it may even help prevent neurogenic diseases, macular degeneration, and osteoporosis.

Okra is superb for the expecting mother. Commonly known as the lady finger, this fruit (yes, fruit!) is rich in folate, which research as shown to lower the risk of birth defects. Other added benefits include:
▪️Good source of vitamin C and K
▪️May make you feel fuller longer
▪️Cleans plaque from arteries
▪️May help fight cancer
▪️Works with the good bacteria in your colon to help build immunity 
▪️Great for healing ulcers (mucilage coats the stomach)
▪️May increase collagen and help the skin
The mucilage in okra is not everyone's favorite, but it actually binds to cholesterol in the body and carries these toxins out of the body through digestion, keeping the intestinal tract healthy. To reduce the slimy mouth feel, you can pick smaller okra to eat or simply soak the okra in vinegar for thirty minutes, rinse, and stir fry. Sautéing the okra adds crispness as well.
Pick your fresh bag of okra with A Land of Delight today. Our friendly volunteers and associates are here to help.
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