Unhealthy Dose of Pesticides Found in Popular Produce

Unhealthy Dose of Pesticides Found in Popular Produce

About 20% of all fruits and vegetables examined by Consumer Reports in a new April 2024 report revealed an "unhealthy dose of dangerous pesticides."

"Our new results continue to raise red flags. Pesticides posed significant risks in 20 percent of the foods we examined," Consumer Reports said.

Bell peppers, blueberries, potatoes and strawberries were included in the report, as well as green beans, which "had residues of a pesticide that hasn’t been allowed to be used on the vegetable in the U.S. for over a decade," according to the report. 

"Imported produce, especially some from Mexico, was particularly likely to carry risky levels of pesticide residues," the organization said.

Certain chemicals are used by farmers to control bugs, fungi and weeds. However, some of these chemicals carry "unacceptable health risks." 

Our Commitment to Your Health

When we named our farm A Land of Delight Natural Farm, we made a promise that we stick to.

Rest assured we use no synthetic pesticides and focus on growing all natural, nutrient dense, non-gmo food for you - our neighbors.

If you want to be sure to keep your family safe from “unhealthy doses” of harmful chemicals… you know who to trust.

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