The Perfect Valentine's Date (No reservations needed.)

The Perfect Valentine's Date (No reservations needed.)

Valentines Day will be here before you know it!

Whoever you’re celebrating with, the farm is the perfect place for you!


No reservations needed. No waiting in the lobby for an hour before you’re seated…

💗 A Peaceful Environment

❤️ Friendly Farm Animals

💗 Fun Photo Ops

❤️ Nutritious & Delicious Baked Goods

💗 Handcrafted Probiotic Immune Boosting Juices

❤️ Strong & Long Lasting Grafted Fruit Trees


Our idea of a perfect Valentine’s date is enjoying the great outdoors!

Why not start your plans by picking out some goodies and a tree together?

Then end the day by planting that tree and celebrating with a beautiful picnic!


It’s the perfect way to commemorate this special occasion while also enjoying some one on one time in a stress free environment.


Start the celebration early. See you this weekend!

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