Specialty Gourmet Honey: Organic Ginseng Infused Raw Honey

A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery offers a variety of mouthwatering raw honeys, including Organic Ginseng Infused Raw Honey. Our ginseng honey is delicious in tea, oatmeal, smoothies, on toast, and even baked chicken.
Ginseng is noted for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. One study showed that ginseng helped people battling chronic fatigue. Another study revealed how this root improved cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients. This root may also help regulate type 2 diabetes and upper respiratiratory infections. There may also be a possible link with ginseng and flu treatment and prevention. And with our tasty ginseng honey, you also receive the added benefits of raw honey.
A Land of Delight carries eight other types of raw local honey: wild flower, gallberry, orange blossom, and organically infused: ginger, cayenne, turmeric black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, and moringa. Stop by during market hours and try free samples of all our honeys today. We will see you soon!
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