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October Fruit Trees at A Land of Delight!


At A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery, we are passionate about educating  people on self-sustainability, having a food forest and growing some of their own food.

Come visit us this week to either start or grow your backyard harvest potential!

Whether you’re planting vegetables in your garden & aquaponics system, or planting trees in your backyard, fall is one of the best seasons for growing here in Florida! 

A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery

2514 Leaning Pine Lane, Plant City, FL

⏰ Hours ⏰

🌳 Tree Sales 🌳
🗓️ Monday - Friday 10AM - 6:30PM

👩‍🌾 Farmer’s Market  👩‍🌾
🗓️ Saturday 8AM - 5PM
- Raw Local Honeys 🍯
- Non-GMO Pasture Raised Eggs 🥚
- Farm Fresh Produce 🍌 🥭
- Probiotic Immune Boosters 🧃
- and so much more!

🐟 FREE Fall Grow Class with Soil & Aquaponics 🐟
🗓️ Saturday 10:30AM - 11:30AM

Current Trees In Stock *updated Oct 2023 (tree inventory changes quickly, please contact us for specific requests, or come visit our nursery!)

Citrus Trees*
•Ruby Red Grapefruit
•Duncan Grapefruit
•Pumelo Hirado Grapefruit
•Navel Orange
•Blood Orange
•Valencia Orange
•Pineapple Orange
•Vernia Orange
•Hamlin Orange
•Nagumi Kumquat
•Meiwa Kumquat
• King Tangerine
•Honey Murcott Tangerine
•Shinuri Tangerine
•Dancy Tangerine
•Satsuma mandarin
•Honey bell tangerine
• Red Lime
•Persian Lime
•Kaffir Lime
•Key Lime
•Ponderosa Lemon
•Bearss Lemon
•Meyers Lemon
•Eureka Lemon
•Variegated Lemon (pink lemon)
•Citron citrus
•Key Lime Trees/Bushes
•Bearss Lemon /Bushes
• Meyers lemon / Bushes

New *Medleys* 2 in 1
•Sunburst Tangerine/Meyers Lemon
•Hamlin Orange / Meyers Lemon
•Valencia Orange / Meyers Lemon
• Persian Lime / Meyers Lemon
New Medleys* 3 in 1
• Hamlin Orange/ Meyers Lemon / Persian Lime.

Current Mango Varieties* In Stock
•Coconut Cream
•Sein Ta Lone
•Lemon Zest
•Tommy Atkins
•Cat Saigon
•Valencia Pride
•Ice Cream
•Madame Francis
•Southern Blush
•Pim Seng Mum
•Orange Sherbet
•Nam doc Mai
•Maha chanook
•Peach Cobbler
•Fruit Punch
•Dwarf Julie
•Dwarf Hawaiian

Avocados in Stock
•Super Hass
•Marcus Pumpkin
•Maria B
•Oro negro
•Puerto Rican

*Nuts, Pits, Tropical, Berries & Cherries* In Stock
•Miracle Fruit
•Jamaican Cherry
•Barbados Cherry

*Tropical & Subtropical* In Stock
•Yellow Dragonfruit
•Yellow passion fruit
•Pink Ruby Guava
•Thai Guava
• Seedless Guava
•Pineapple Guava
•Lemon Guava
•Red Jaboticaba
•Ice Cream Beans
•Cranberry Hibiscus
•Pakistani Mulberry
•Dwarf Mulberry
•Fig- Bears Black, Chicago Hardy, Celeste, black Turkey
•Coco Plum
•Ice Cream Banana
•Dwarf Banana
•Bay Leaf Tree
•Red Papaya
•Black sapote
•Mamey sapote
•All spice
•Coffee tree
•June plum
•Hog Plum
• Sugar apple
• Red Cashew
•Red apple
•Florida peach tree
•Medley Plum

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