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Mango Trees 🥭 

Mangoes are one of our specialties here at A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery. Fresh mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, containing 67% of the daily value. This fruit is also a good source of copper and folate, which help support proper fetal growth and development.
With over twenty different vitamins and minerals, the potent mango is included on the list of superfoods. Its flesh offers a great source of fiber while mangoes are also one of the best brain foods, being packed with vitamin B6. Mangoes are also a good source of vitamin E and rich in iron. 
Research shows that mangoes may be able to:
▪️alkalize the body
▪️fight cholesterol 
▪️clear skin
A Land of Delight carries over forty different varieties of mango trees including Kesar, Alphonso, Tommy Atkins, Cotton Candy, and Irwin. Yes, you read that right. Cotton Candy! Our friendly volunteers and staff are ready to help you get started building your food forest today.