FREE Aquaponics & Self-Sustainability Class

FREE Aquaponics & Self-Sustainability Class

Imagine what would happen if truckers stopped working. How would this affect you and your family? It would halt the progress of hospitals, gas stations, ATMs, and grocery stores. Your garbage wouldn’t get taken. Amazon Prime packages would not get delivered. Empty shelves plus long lines equals not a winning combination.

What do you do?

Aquaponics is a simple method to grow your own food and fish. Thanks to its automatic recirculating system, aquaponics does not require much monitoring or measuring. And it is a great way to provide food for your family in uncertain times.

Join us this Saturday for our FREE Aquaponics & Self-Sustainability class at 10:30 a.m. We will teach you on the importance of growing your own food, how to grow your own food, and the process of aquaponics. No need to register. Just show up with a pen and paper ready to learn. See you soon!

SPECIAL BONUS: Bring the whole family and enjoy Emily’s, a14-year-old, Sweet Honey Presentation. She has shared at several local charter organizations on the importance of these busy “pollinators,” and she will be sharing this Saturday at A Land of Delight. Free samples of raw local honey will be available.

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