Farmer's Market  & Tree Nursery Mother's Day Extravaganza

Farmer's Market & Tree Nursery Mother's Day Extravaganza

Celebrate Mother's Day with your mom this Saturday at our Mother's Day Farmer's Market Extravaganza! At A Land of Delight Natural Farm & Nursery, we have everything you need to treat your mom to a delightful experience:
✔️grafted fruit trees 🌳 
✔️raw, local honey 🍯 
✔️handcrafted beverages 
✔️organic loose leaf tea 🍵 
✔️petting zoo 🐐 
✔️organic rose petal cookies, raspberry cookies, banana bread & more 🍪 
Show your mom how much you appreciate her by giving her an unforgettable experience this year. She deserves it! Enjoy our dazzling array of grafted fruit trees that our expert farmers have specially crafted to produce bountiful harvests for years to come.
Walk through our petting zoo and feed the animals that love our guests. Goats, sheep, cows, horses, chickens - - there's nothing like going back to nature and feeling the love of an animal. So we transformed an area of our farm to feed and interact with our adorable farm animals.
We also offer Hawaiian shaved ice 🍧, all-beef hotdog meals, and a bounce house for the children on Saturday from 11am-5pm. 
Come on out and create special memories with Mom this Saturday at A Land of Delight. Great photo opps. ❤️ Our volunteers and associates are excited to put a smile on
her face. 
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