Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon fruit looks like it grew on another planet and tastes out of this world too. This fruit can be white, yellow, or red and is filled with edible seeds just like a kiwi. Dragon fruit has a number of health benefits including:

▪️Excellent source of fiber
▪️Prebiotics to help good gut bacteria
▪️May help lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart
▪️Seeds loaded with omega-3 fatty acids
▪️Fights diabetes by suppressing sugar spikes
▪️Strengthens immune system
▪️May help fight cancer
▪️May help protect cells against damage
▪️Apply as a paste to potentially reduce signs of aging
▪️Recommended by some to be included in conditioners or hair masks

Come check out Tampa Bay’s #1 fruit tree nursery and build your food forest. Take home your very own dragon fruit cactus this Thursday or Friday from 1:30-6:30 p.m. or Saturday 8 a.m.-5p.m. Our friendly staff and associates look forward to helping you. We deliver and install too.

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