3 Ways to Grow While Renting

3 Ways to Grow While Renting

Here’s how you can grow the food forest of your dreams while keeping your landlord happy:

  1. Raised Beds: Planting in Raised Bed Gardens leaves the lawn untouched. ALOD’s Raised Beds are built with magnesium zinc so they won’t rust and  beautiful trellises to grow vining vegetables! They can also be equipped with irrigation systems for easy maintenance.

  2. Potted Trees: Most of our smaller trees can be grown for years in a pot & some citrus can even be grown INDOORS! We even have dwarf & medley varieties available!

  3. Windowsill Herbs: Want to start small? Herbs can make your windowsill a place of flavor, beauty, & fragrance! You can grow herbs like parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, cilantro, mint, and peppermint on your windowsill! We have heirloom seeds ready for you to plant

ALOD has everything you need to grow! Whether in wide open spaces or small temporary ones. Let’s work together to start your own food forest!

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