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Nebulizer Tubing and Mouthpiece

Nebulizer Tubing and Mouthpiece

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Nebulizer Tubing and Mouthpiece


These Nebulizer Mouthpieces With Tubing are compatible with most of the nebulizers. They are T-Mouthpieces that come with a seven-foot tube. Nebulizer Mouthpieces With Tubing are latex-free, clear in color, and of universal size.

Why choose Medline Nebulizer Mouthpieces?

  • Ideal particle size of less than five microns
  • Increases the amount of medication delivered deep within lungs
  • Standard Fitting

Benefits of Medline Nebulizer Tubing and Mouthpiece

  • Ideal particle size of less than five microns, increasing the amount of medication delivered deep within lungs
  • High respirable dose, leading to more efficient treatments and less wasted medication
  • Standard fittings accommodate most clinical applications
  • Medicine can be added without removing the cap
  • Kits include a medicine cup, 7-ft. (2.1 m) of kink-resistant extension tubing, and either a mask or a mouthpiece with a T-adapter
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex

How to use a Nebulizer with Mouthpiece?

  • A nebulizer treatment may extend from 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the type of nebulizer being used
  • It is recommended to sit straight up while receiving medication except in cases where the patient is not in the position to sit up
  • Place the mouthpiece such that it is between your teeth and your mouth is sealed around it so that no medication escapes
  • Power the nebulizer unit and take deep breaths inhaling the medicated mist from your mouthpiece. You must hold the breath for some time before exhaling
  • Continue to breathe in the mist until all the medicine has been used up
  • If in case you feel dizzy or strange during treatment, turn off the nebulizer for 5 minutes and start again till the remaining medicine finishes
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after therapy