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Nebulizer Compressor Kit

Nebulizer Compressor Kit

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Nebulizer Compressor Kit

Why to choose Medline Aeromist Nebulizer Compressor?

  • Provides a reliable output device for fast, efficient treatments.
  • It includes disposable nebulizer kit
  • 7 feet power cord
  • Latex free

Medline Aeromist Nebulizer Compressor Features

  • Method of nebulization: Dry piston compressor
  • Electrical Requirements: 120VAC/60Hz 
  • Maximum nebulizer capacity: 10 ml 
  • Sound noise level: ‰¤ 60 dBA
  • Nebulizer Compatibility Guide
  • Medline Aeromist Compact Nebulizer Compressor User Manual
  • HyGiene Products
  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved

How to operate Aeromist Nebulizer Compressor?

  1. Place compressor on a stable, sturdy and flat surface such that the unit can be easily reached when you’re seated.

  2. Make sure the compressor is off by pressing the power switch to the “OFF” (O) position.

  3. Plug power cord into a wall outlet.

  4. Connect one end of the tubing into the compressor air outlet connector.

  5. Add the prescribed solution through the opening on jet nebulizer cap using an eye dropper or pre-measured dose container.

  6. Assemble mouthpiece onto the top of the jet nebulizer cap. If an aerosol mask is used, connect the bottom of mask to the top of jet nebulizer cap.

  7. Connect tubing to jet nebulizer air inlet connector.

  8. Turn the compressor on by pressing power switch to “ON” (I) position.

  9. Implement the treatment by placing the mouthpiece between the teeth. Inhale and exhale through the mouthpiece.

  10. If an aerosol mask is used, place the mask over the mouth and nose

How to clean Aeromist Compressor?

  • Turn the power off and unplug the compressor power cord from the wall outlet.

  • Remove the tubing from the air inlet.

  • TO CLEAN: Disassemble mouthpiece, jet nebulizer cap, chamber and baffle, and wash these items in hot water with dish-washing detergent. Rinse these items thoroughly to remove the detergent and let air dry.

  • TO DISINFECT: Mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 3/4 cup hot water in a clean container. Submerge mouthpiece, T-piece, nebulizer cap, chamber and baffle for 30 minutes in the solution. Remove from solution and let air dry.

  • There is no need to clean the tubing. If necessary wipe the surface regularly

  • The jet nebulizer must be changed if it gets clogged.
  • The nebulizer and accessories must not be boiled.

Medline Aeromist Compact Nebulizer Compressor is less bulky and will not take up valuable space. This system will easily fit on small surfaces. This compact design nebulizer compressor has a low center of gravity and four non-skid rubber feet.